Summer Sundays in Vienna are absolutely wonderful. You can drive to a lake or the woods, have a picknick in the sun and meet friends for a chat. Today we had the possibility to try out the Lancia Ypsilon and drive to Burggarten for a wonderful time with some other Austrian bloggers (in the last photo you can see the lovely Catherine, Pia and Maximilian).
We tried their online app to book the car for our trip and we have to admit that we were surprised how easy it works. All you need to do is going on their Facebook page, selecting a car dealer and entering your contact details. Then someone from Lancia will contact you to confirm your booking - now you are ready to go. :)
We hope you also had such a wonderful weekend! By the way: You have now the possibility to shop our looks by clicking on the photos at the end of the post. How do you like it?

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x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. Both looks are great. I especially love Sabinna's top. I don't normally like turtlenecks but I think it's brilliant with the crop top.

  2. you are amazing! both of you! as always!

    Kejmy ♥.

  3. Oh, ich liebe das Band in deinen Haaren. Du siehst wahnsinnig mondän aus, liebe Sabinna. Und die get-the-look-idea ist klasse!

  4. Oh wow, this is awesome! I would so wear your outfit, Sabinna! You look stunning :)

    xoxo Iris

  5. thank you all so much for your comments!! :*