Here are some more photos from the #Notorious Fashion Minds - TEDxVienna Fashion Salon, this time in black and white and shot with La Sardina. Click here if you missed our last post about the event. Also Notorious Mag and Social Media Club wrote about the Fashion Salon, definitely worth reading these articles!



As you know, yesterday was the TEDxVienna Fashion Salon hosted by Notorious Mag.
Sabinna was one of the speakers, next to Daniela Enzi from MQ, Yvan Rodic also known as Facehunter, Alex Schönburg from Agency4e7 and Anouk Wipprecht from Tech Couture.
All in all it was a very lovely event and a very good experience for Sabinna, even though she was super nervous during her presentation. Thanks again to gorgeous Selma from Notorious Mag for the invite, we really appriciate it and it was amazing to meet so many interesting creative minds. Unfortunately some people in the audience were behaving very unpolite, especially during some of the talks, but we guess they just need attention.
Here are some photos from the event itself and the aftershow party at morisson club, we hope you enjoy them.
Vienna, you were lovely but it's time to head back to London! :)



Singing birds, gorgeous sunlight, first flowers... all these things make us feel very peaceful. We want to enjoy this sunday and prepare for next week, because next week is going to be very very exciting! 



As a lot of you asked us recently about things that inspire us, we decided to finally join Pinterest! Now you can follow us there and see our latest crushes and images that blow our minds.
Click here to check it out!



1 week left until the TEDxVienna Fashion Salon hosted by Notorious Mag! (We wrote about the event here) Sabinna is getting very excited and a little bit nervous too. So many words are dancing through her mind, how to structure them? Put on the thinker head of course! In this case it's this cute fluffy deer, that helps Sabinna to think. For those who follow us for a while already, its no surprise that we are obsessed with animal masks! Even our facebook page proofs it. Not enough evidence? Then check this, this and this post. ;)



Recently we were interviewed by Modeblock. We answered some questions about us, our photographies and the things we like. Click here to read the interview! :)



After we read the article about us on Notorious Mag, we got really inspired by all these lovely words. We decided to post some portraits that David took of Sabinna in the past 5 years to show how much David loves to be behind the camera and Sabinna in front of it!



If David was a bird, he would fly high over the world and watch Sabinna walking down the streets. And of course he would take photos and share them with you.
Well, it looks like this dream came true and David had his chance to touch the sky. Sabinna was enjoying the sun at this moment, wearing her bacoat, walking around and lying on the ground.



Finally some sunshine! Perfect time for some long walks trough the streets of London, just us and our cameras!
Oh and by the way, we have some really exciting news for you. If you follow us on Facebook, you might already know what we are talking about. Sabinna is going to be one of the speakers at the Notorious Mag / TEDxVienna Fashion Salon on the 28th of March in Vienna! This event is going to be about the fashion situation and its development in Austria and speakers from all over the world will attend to share their thoughts: Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Alex Schönburg (Agency4e7), Anouk Wipprecht (Tech Couture). Sabinna is going to talk about her studies and adventures at Central Saint Martins. It's going to be really amazing, so make sure you follow all updates on Notorious Mag's, Social Media Club Austria's and our Facebook page.


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We guess most of you know how much Sabinna loves jewellery and how huge her collection is. But sometimes just one pair of diamond earrings can be enough to complete your look. We already showed you HERE different possibilities of placing your jewellery around your body and decided to be creative with these diamond hoops again. Sabinna wears them sometimes as rings or on a necklace, which gives them a completely new look. We hope you enjoy these photos and they inspire you to look at your treasures from a different perspective.



 After the visit at Louis Vuitton, Sabinna went to see the Amaya Arzuaga fashion show. We must admit that the queuing system was more than horrible - nothing happened on time, people were pushing each other towards the doors and the walls and everyone was screaming around for no reason. We really hope that the organiser learned from their mistakes and that something like this will not happen again.
Inbetween all the fashion madness we also managed to visit Les arts decortifs to see the amazing exhibition "Goudemalion". If some of you plan to go to Paris soon, you should definitely check out this exhibition, we are sure you will love it!
Now we are back in England, enough of fashion weeks for a while, even though it was awesome, we hope you enjoy the photos! Click HERE if you want to see all the Fashion Shows we attended in the last few months.



On the second day of our Paris trip, Sabinna had the great oppurtunity to gain a look inside of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton museum and workshop, where all their bags are fabricated, are located half an hour from the center of Paris. The visit started with a delicious breakfast inside the Louis Vutitton house and some information on the company history. It was amazing to hear about the birth of this brand and how Louis started the production of his famous bags and luggage. Afterwards we were taken to the LV workshop and watched the different manufacturing stages, which impressed Sabinna a lot. It is unbelievable how much love and effort is put in every single piece to make it unique. Unfotunately we weren't allowed to take photos at the workshop. All in all it was a fantastic trip and we hope you enjoy the photos! Don't forget to come back for more Paris Fashion Week updates.

Sabinna Broken Cookies



Finally in Paris and it is amazing, just as expected! Today we have a long post for you with photos from the SHARON WAUCHOB fashion show plus some lovely Paris moments. We hope you like them and get excited for more! Stay tuned, we are going to update you and share more Fashion shots with you very very soon!