Those of you who follow us on Instagram know that we have been exploring Vienna's party life a lot recently - for example last Thursday we were invited to the launch party of The Daily Dose, a new Austrian online lifestyle magazin for everyone who is looking for beautiful inspiration for both every day life and special moments. Delicious cocktails and ice cream, a perfect view over Vienna, super nice hosts and a bunch of lovely people - what more can you ask for? We had a great time and want to share some photos and a little Instagram video with you. (Photos 2,3,4 and 6 are by Felipe Kolm)



It's time for our (and yours) favourite special on Broken Cookies: From a painting. This time we decided to look at vintage magazin covers and found the Vogue issue from July 1939. We must admit that we both fell in love with it and Sabinna decided to recreate this look and outfit. And here is the result, dear girls and boys. As always we want to know what you think! :)



Recently a lot of you asked us where we buy our cameras, clothes, accessories and interior stuff. We decided to answer all your questions with only one post. Under the address shop.broken-cookies.com you can now check out our recent crushes for menswear, womenswear, shoes, jewellery, camera's and even awesome Star Wars stuff. By clicking on the items you can easily buy them straight away directly form the seller. Of course the shop will be updated as often as possible. Jump over to the website, to check everything out and to let us know what you think. :)



We are so so excited about this post! Seriously, we have never been that excited about showing you something, dear girls and boys. As you know recently we did a video for the online shop Sarenza. It turned out to be a success, thanks for all the great feedback! So we decided to take the whole thing to a new level and shoot another video for Sarenza. A huge thanks to Sabinna's little twin sisters, who are starring in this video. They did such a great job, that the result looks even better than expected. They are both wearing Vans Kids shoes and are fighting for another 2 pairs of sneakers by Vans. Additional to the video we want to show you our ways of styling sneakers with classy suits. But enough talking, time to watch the video! :)



This week is very special, dear girls and boys. This week is the birthday of our blog - Broken Cookies turns 3! When we started we could have never imagine to have so many awesome people following our blog and reading Broken Cookies on a daily basis. Today we are not only proud but also very very happy to have you all on our little planet and to hear your thoughts on our creative minds. :) Thank you all for your time and your comments - we are looking forward to the next years! :) For this first birthday post (there are more to come :D ) we want to show you some photos that were taken by Keanoush Da Rosa, a talented London-based photographer. You can take a look at his work here. We are in love with these mysterious photos with a little Star Wars touch. How do you like them?



Summer Sundays in Vienna are absolutely wonderful. You can drive to a lake or the woods, have a picknick in the sun and meet friends for a chat. Today we had the possibility to try out the Lancia Ypsilon and drive to Burggarten for a wonderful time with some other Austrian bloggers (in the last photo you can see the lovely Catherine, Pia and Maximilian).
We tried their online app to book the car for our trip and we have to admit that we were surprised how easy it works. All you need to do is going on their Facebook page, selecting a car dealer and entering your contact details. Then someone from Lancia will contact you to confirm your booking - now you are ready to go. :)
We hope you also had such a wonderful weekend! By the way: You have now the possibility to shop our looks by clicking on the photos at the end of the post. How do you like it?



Our camera collection has a new member: Konstruktor by Lomography.
It's an analogue camera that comes in a lovely little package and is separated in hundred little parts. The deal about this babe is that you need to build it yourself. We need to admit that we had some troubles with the assembling process, as the manual is not written really well as a lot of little steps are merged into one image - which is not always easy to understand. Nevertheless it was great fun building the camera and after about an hour of sweating we finally could hold this beauty in our hands. We also took the chance to customize it and add some Broken Cookies details on it. Below you can see the result plus a video of the building process. Soon we will show you some photos that we took with the Konstruktor. How do you like the idea of building your own camera?



We are back in Vienna and today we want to show you some analogue photos that we took with a disposable camera. It's not a secret that we have a whole collection of awesome cameras, that's why people are often surprised to see us using disposable ones. The reason why we love them too is really simple - you can party as hard as you want without being scared of loosing or breaking your favourite camera babes. Instead you have a one-night-stand with a disposable camera. :)



Girls and boys, we are back in the internet world! :) If you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, then you know that we are on holidays in Spain at the moment. Sun, sea and great spanish food are the reason why our faces look happier then ever before. We hope you missed us, just as we missed you and that you are ready for new fun on the Broken Cookies planet. A lot of great new projects are ahead of us and we are super excited to share them with you soon! In the meantime tell us what you were up to since our last post?