Vienna is such an exciting place to be at the moment. One of the reasons for that is our beloved Rathausplatz Filmfestival that started yesterday and will continue until the first of September. Every day you will have the possibility to watch concerts, operas and ballets. Additional to that you can enjoy the most delicious food from all around the world and drink great Austrian wine or cocktails. 



We are back in Vienna for a while and are enjoying it big time. The weather is beautiful, the air is fresh and exciting things are happening, can you ask for more? Today we went to see the hip fashion store Paar and checked out their gorgeous stock of comfortable and beautiful footwear. The highlights are definitely the new sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger and Asics, they look super comfy and are easy to match up with your wardrobe. We also spotted the 'Saint Alfred X Asics Gel Lyte III' sneaker, that is the new hot shit in town. Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it. If you don't believe is, see here for yourself. :)



We were super busy the last few days, but thanks to Sabinna's little twin sisters, there is still a new post on the blog. :) These 2 cute little ladies had a few appearances on Broken Cookies so far: They tried out Sabinna's hair-dos and checked out Sabinna's outfits. The post about their favourite outfits from Sabinna's wardrobe was so popular that we decided to ask them again to pick their current lovelies. And this is the result:



Today I met up with the talented London-based photographer Nathalie and she promised me to show a magical place in the heart of a busy city. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when we arrived at the roof of the Southbank Center, I didn't only see the magic, I actually felt it. Flowers, trees, little cute chairs and tables - this is where everyone wants to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon! And the cherry on the top is a little cafe, where you can buy drinks and snacks, to enjoy on the roof and watch London from above. The 'cafe roofs' are there for the whole summer, so if you are in London, don't miss out on this gorgeous place! Nathalie took some photos of me, that I absolutely love, hope you feel the same! :)



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It's again time for our favourite special: The virtual fitting room 'Outfit 2.0'. For those of you who just joined us: This special is about the looks from the current fashion shows, that we love the most. We try them on virtually (with the help oh Photoshop) and enjoy looking fabulous in wonderful designer wear. :) This time we present you our favourite pieces from resort 2014 (womenswear) and spring 2014 (menswear). We both couldn't resist the fantastic collection by Christopher Kane. Not only the colours please our taste, but also these wonderful prints of human bodies and faces, all wrapped in a perfect 3D illusion, so futuristic and modern at the same time. David also went for a look by Burberry Prorsum. The wonderful wool jacket fits the cranky London weather perfectly and the orange shirt with the red tie is something David never expected to like, but change his mind by looking at the result. Sabinna loves to wear black and white, it fits every occasion and makes you look elegant and timeless. Proenza Schouler has all it takes to fulfill Sabinna's wishes. Which outfit is your favourite?

Outfit 2.0 Christopher Kane



Recently we got a lot of e-mails from our female readers asking about Sabinna's eye make-up. It seems like a lot of you would like to know what eyeliner and mascara she is using. You ask, we tell, and here it is, the post about Sabinna's eyes. The 2 essential things for Sabinna's eye make-up are a black eyeliner and black volume mascara. The Eyeko eyeliner is perfect for beginners and girls who like to use eyeliner everyday. It is super easy to apply and comes not only in black, but also brown, purple and blue. Mascara makes a big difference as the eyes look more dramatic and bigger. Sabinna recommends the Diorshow Extase by Dior. We are looking forward to get further e-mails/facebook messages/comments from you about what you would like to see on the blog or know about us! :) 

eyeliner Sabinna



L is for London and L is for Love. We love London, it is a city that has so much to offer... from crowded shopping streets to empty, idyllic alleys - you choose what you want. We have been working a lot lately, but whenever we can take a little walk and touch the ground and the walls, we take that chance. And obviously we never forget to bring our camera. Speaking of cameras: We just got a new babe! You will meet our new camera in one of the next posts! :)

London spring



We already told you about our wonderful Saturday in Vienna, but what about Sunday? No worries, there is also an exciting post for Sunday! :) We were invited to the Feschmarkt blogger event and had the chance to learn some useful things about the Austrian wine Jurtschitsch (Alwin Jurtschitsch himself came by to tell us some wine secrets!), to enjoy a great company and to relax in the sun. For those of you, who are not familiar with Feschmarkt, here a little introduction to it: Feschamarkt is a marketplace for art and design and takes place in Vienna, for the 6th time this year. It has been a great success so far, and it is always pretty exciting to see so many Austrian creatives, gathered together at one wonderful event. If you are in Vienna and would like to see the event yourself, then put down 21.06-23.06 in your calender! :)

Feschmarkt Wien



What a weekend we had, dear girls and boys! Those of you, who follow us on Facebook and Instagram, saw already that on Saturday we joined the amazing Backyard-Sale at Pratersauna to sell some awesome stuff from Sabinna's wardrobe. It was a huge success and we are more than happy that so many beautiful pieces found a new owner and a new life. Thanks to the BYS-team and all the people that came to party, relax and shop. We enjoyed the whole thing so much, that we already can't wait for BYS #6! :) You find more photos of this event here.

backyard sale pratersauna vienna



What makes a good photo actually good? The object on it, the light, the idea or maybe the prefect technical skills? All these factors are definitely essential. But there is also something else, that is quite important: the background. How often have we taken a beautiful photo of a person or an object and realised later that something weird or unnecessary was going on in the background. Or we caught ourselves in a red t-shirt in front of a red wall. Or even worse: Another person was photobombing our pictures (which can be also super fun, we have to admit). Today's post is about exploring the background and the negative space. When in doubt it's always better to look for a white wall, you can never go wrong with that. :)

& other stories



This post is a homage to the webcam, the little cutie over our computer screens. Thank you, dear webcam, for not worrying about the quality or the aesthetic. You let us have fun and be in the same photo at the same time, without annoying other people with asking: Can you take a picture of us? You are so simple and so awesome, we love you.

Within the past 2 and a half years, we were constantly uploading webcam photos of us on our Facebook page. It's time for them to make an appearance on the blog too! :) Which one is your favourite?

Austrian Blogger



As some of you know, we went to Paris last weekend for a little exciting thing with Dior. It was really weird to be back in this city, because the last time we were in Paris, Sabinna actually lived and worked there. We definitely enjoyed being tourists again and didn't miss out on the delicious food. We brought back great memories and a little photo diary, we hope you like it! :) 




 A while ago we told you on Facebook and Instagram that we are making a new video for you, dear girls and boys. And today is finally the day to show you what we were talking about. :) Say hello to our new special called "City Love". From now on we will not only travel the world and take photos, but also capture everything as moving pictures. We guess you won't be surprised to hear that the first city of this special is our beloved Vienna. This is the place we grew up in, the place we met at and the place we love to come back to, forever and always. We are new to video making and still need to improve a few skills, but we still hope that you enjoy this video. :)

Video taken with:
Pentax k-r

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.