As most of you know I (Sabinna) study Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London. This year (well actually in less than a month!) I am graduating. Today I want to show you the photos of my graduate show and some previews of the look book. Soon you will get to see the full look book and also a bunch of other details. This collection is based on my mum's childhood in the communistic USSR and her everyday life as a kid/teenager. My mother used to be a professional athlete, so sports and uniforms play an important role in the research. Photos from the family archive, my mum's diary from the late 70s and some of her amazing stories about that time created the concept around my collection. Thanks to my amazing fabric sponsors I was able to create an ethical and organic collection. The PVC parts in the clothes and accessories are made of recycled plastic combined with a special method of melting fabric left overs into one piece of fabric. Also I want to say a HUGE thanks to all the amazing people that supported me through my time in CSM, especially the last year. Most of all David and my mum. And my great family, my awesome friend Scarlett, all my amazing sponsors, especially Antex and Schella Kann!
If you want to see more of the process and also follow my future work, make sure to check out my Instagram and my Facebook. Also you can see some of my previous work on my website.



It's sample sale season! Which means that we are going crazy just by looking at all those amazing designer pieces with affordable red price tags on them. We have to admit that more than the half of both our wardrobes comes from sample sales in Paris or London. Today is the Browns Sample Sale, going on until 8pm, so if you are in London, drop by! The address is Music Rooms Space Events, 26 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5LF. I (Sabinna) went this morning and left with these crazy and adroable and somehow also creepy pair of heels by Celine. Yes, I agree, those shoes are not for everyone, but don't worry there is stuff for all type of tastes. :)

If you can't make it today, no worries, we have some more sample sale tips for the following weeks:



.. we went to Paris a while ago? It was a quick business trip to source fabrics for Sabinna's final collection. But also a business trip can be combined with pleasure, so here a few impressions from our little trip. By the way, we stayed in a very lovely hotel, called Hotel Josephine, that might be of interest to some of you who intend to travel to Paris any time soon. It's super duper tiny but very clean and quite. And the loction is not bad either, walk distance from Dare du Nord, very comfy when you come by Eurostar. :)



It's 'From a painting' time! Believe me (Sabinna) when I say that I write this post with the last bits of energy that I have left as all of it was invested into my graduation collection at Central Saint Martins. The show is in less than 2 weeks and I am more than excited to see my designs on the catwalk. If you want to stay updated and see what happens in CSM, follow my Instagram.
So, now back to today's post: The painting is by Amanda Blake and we have chosen it because of the girl's face impression. There is just something about it that caught our attention and we decided to recreate this simple, but beautiful oil painting. 



Here in London, the afternoon tea is definitely as important as dinner is. So today we will tell you about a beautiful place located in the centre of London (not far from Picadilly circus) called Sketch. Let's start at the very beginning: This place was recommended to us by hundreds of different people, nevertheless we didn't manage to check it out in the past years. So when Sabinna's family came over for a visit we decided that it's about time to see if Sketch is actually as awesome as everyone says. We didn't make any reservations and were hoping that it will help to arrive before the actual afternoon tea starts. Unfortunately we were confronted with quite unfriendly and snoby attitude right at the door, telling us to come back in 30 minuted, as no tables were free at that moment. We have to admit, that it's nothing special in London to wait for a table, it happens all the time in a huge city like this. So we waited, hung out around the area and came back after half an hour. Same story again: Unhappy and unfriendly guy, still no table and our mood down to zero. 

This weekend we gave the restaurant/bar a second chance and returned again for a "cream tea". Again no reservation, but this time everything turned out differently. Not only we got a table straight away, this time we were lucky to be served by super friendly girls who knew exactly what they have to do. We ordered scones and tea, the scones didn't arrive at the same time and as an apology we were given extra scones and macaroons! Yes, we admit, this gave Sketch one million plus points and we were willing to forget the faux-pas from our first visit. So when you are in London, check out the place, we are sure you will love it. But we recommend to make a reservation in advance as you never know if you will experience our first or our second visit there. :)

Ps: You definitely have to go to the lou, as the toilets are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Check picture number 1 and 6 (yes, we swear, that's the toilet! :) ).