Tomorrow is the last day of 2013, and traditionally we are ready for a review of this fantastic and busy year. Last year we made a review of 2012 by choosing our best moments from all blogposts. This year we decided to wrap up our memories with the help of our Instagram account. Can you imagine that we made 913 photos in 2013? It's insane! :) That's the proof that 2013 was one of the craziest and busiest years we ever had. As the blogpost name already says, the review is MASSIVE, so be aware that it might take you some time to look through the all the photos. So, let's start in the beginning: In 2013 ... 

... Sabinna lived in Paris and worked there for Dior. Then...



 Sometimes it can be quite hard to find perfect clothes and accessories for the winter season - they not only need to be pretty but also to keep you warm. Especially the head can be a problem: I (Sabinna) don't really like to wear hats, as it makes my hair look flat and weird afterwords. A few years ago I found a pretty little fake fur bag in a tiny store in Vienna. I really liked the colour and the shape, but wasn't in need of a bag at that time. So I decided to put it on my head (first just for fun) and see how it looks. And guess what? David and I both loved it! So I bought it and since then it became my favourite winter hat. Whenever I tell people that I am wearing a bag on my head, they get confused first. Then amused and surprised by the fact that it fits my head prefectly (I have to admit I have a huge head :) ). David keeps it classy and wears a beautiful knitted hat by Paul Smith. We guess no one can handle 2 people with bags on their head. :)



We are going to keep it short today, as it's another family Christmas day! We hope you had all wonderful celebrations so far and are excited to show you a new "From a painting" post! It's not that cold in Vienna at the moment, but I still prefer to keep my feet as warm as possible. I have to admit I was never a huge fan of UGG boots, but somehow this lower version in black caught my eye and I decided to give it a try. And guess what? I really like it! :) Also as you might see I wear my hair in a different way - the illustration by Kapena O inspired me to try out a fringeless forehead. How do you like it?



MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear girls and boys! And of course: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear David! :) Today we want to share with you Sabinna's Christmas hair and make you smile. We had a little walk through the 18th district in Vienna wearing that cute (and at the same time crazy) reindeer hair bun and you can't even imagine how many people we made smile today. :) Especially kids turned out to be deeply in love with this hair-do. What do you think about it?
So, lovelies, now we are now off for some Christmas and birthday celebrations! Have a lovely time with your families and may Santa Claus bring you a bunch of gorgeous presents wrapped up in loads and loads of love!



Who doens't like to look back at the end of the year and reflect again on everything that happened? Well, we love doing that! Especially looking at old blogposts is fun. We checked the clicks and it turns out that your favourite posts of 2013 were mostly from our "From a painting" special. So we decided to give you a little review with all of them and to find out which one was the best so far? Our personal favourite is the Amanda Davies inspired look, it was so much fun recreating it. :)



We are always excited when it comes to buying shoes. We try to think about how they look with a certain piece from the wardrobe or how the colours will fit the time of the year. But when it comes to socks or tights, we are both quite boring, we have to admit. Yes, you will find a few funky ones with some glitter flowers and maybe even some that fit the Christmas jumper. But the rest is black, black and black. So we decided to give it a try and put our feet into cool socks by the brand ITEM m6, that produces their products in Germany. We had the possibility to choose 2 pair of socks from their website and were a bit confused first, as we had to give the exact measures of our feet to find out what size is required. It took us a while but it was worth it, as we ended up having socks with the perfect fit. It feels a bit like being bare feet. In the photos below you can see how different the look is depending on the chosen shoes. A new lesson learned: don't underestimate your socks and tights. :)



Those who follow us on Facebook, know that our online shop is back! It's a pop-up store for 3 weeks, so make sure to order on time. :) As it's Christmas time and we love giving presents, we decided to combine the shopping experience with a give away. Thanks to Paperblanks the first 4 orders from now on, will get one of these beautiful calendars/notebooks. So, dear girls and boys, hurry and shop!! :)



Oh god, where to start? :) As some of you know, David's birthday is on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. This means that each year we celebrate Christmas and birthday on the same day = party overload. Usually we would do a party in London (we live here) and then sometimes also one in Vienna (we go there to visit our families for Christmas). Today we want to show you the polaroids from our London party last Friday, which turned out to be a huge success. Thanks again to everyone who came and made this night so magical!
At this point we would also like to talk about living in foreign countries, far away from your family. I (Sabinna) moved away 4 and a half years ago and I have to admit that it's one of the most exciting things that can happen to you but also one of the hardest. To start over in a new city and build your social life there can be very difficult. I was very lucky because I met a bunch of gorgeous people that made my life in London so great. All these people became our London family. London is such an international place and most of our friends moved here to fulfill their dreams. So this is something that we have in common and can share with each other. Some of our very close friends changed cities for another time and are now living in France or USA. And even if we don't get to see each other very often, we know that we can count on each other. Initially we didn't plan this post to become a love letter to our friends, but it turned out as one. :)



Yesterday we went out for dinner and decided to try out a cute little asian restaurant in Soho, called Koya Bar. A few friends of ours posted some images of their dinners there on Facebook and all of them looked absolutely delicious. So the expectations were huge. Those of you who live in London, know that it's absolutely normal to queue for a while before you get a table in a restaurant - same thing at Koya Bar. We were quite lucky though and got a table within 5 minutes. We ordered a starter to share and 2 Atsu-Atsu (Kitsune and Niku), you can see all the dishes in the photos. And the best thing is that our expectations were fulfilled - everything tasted wonderful! Also the size of the portions is very generous, there is no way you are going to leave this place hungry. The atmosphere is very chilled and relaxed, and the staff is super duper friendly. The only thing that we would change is the fact that they don't serve any dessert. We have to admit that's the first restaurant we have ever been to that doesn't offer desserts. If you are in London, you should definitely check this place out. We know we are coming back for sure. :)



It can be really hard to pick colours that actually suit your hair, skin or eyes. I have to admit that most of the time I end up bying black, white and grey clothes, as they seem to be easy to fit with the rest of the wardrobe. A few weeks ago we went to the amazing Dover Street Market sample sale and I found this gorgeous pair of Jil Sander heels that have this absolutely prefect burgundy colour. I fell in love and bought them (as you can imagine the price was really convincing too as it was a sample sale :) ). At home I realised that I have a lipstick in the same colour - a match made in heaven. I kind of feel that it doesn't matter anymore what I wear "between" the Jil Sander heels and my MAC lipstick, as the focus lies on burgundy.



Here is our late Sunday post, dear girls and boys! And guess what it is? Your favourite special 'From a painting'! :) Today's outfit inspiration comes from this beautiful illustration by Peggy Wolf. When we saw it for the first time, we immediately had to think about my (Sabinna) beloved coat and how awesome it would look with this hair-do and make-up. I spiced everything up with my beautiful bag by Vivienne Westwood and here we go: Sunday outfit inspired by a painting is ready. :) We know we say it in probably every single 'From a painting' post, but we will do it again: we love love love to recreate all these gorgeous and inspiring paintings, drawings and illustrations. Also thanks so much to those of you who send us suggestions for these special on our blog. Keep them coming, we love them! :)



Yesterday we showed you the first part of our awesome Paris trip, and as we promised, here is the second part! As you can see we managed to do quite a lot within this weekend - 3 museums, 5 restaurants, a million walks through 2 million streets and also some shopping of course. :) While editing the photos we were again hit by the wish to go back to Paris as soon as possible. So don't be surprised to meet us on the streets of Paris in 2014! :)



Those of you who follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook know that we spent an amazing weekend in Paris. We had sort of a family reunion there, as my (Sabinna) mum and sisters came to Paris from Vienna and met us there. I (Sabinna) used to live in Paris for a while and David came quite a lot to visit me, so we both know the city and its treasures quite well. Also we have to admit that we go there quite a lot for things like Paris Fashion Week, or to see wonderful places like the Louis Vuitton workshop and museum or to Sample Sales by Dior, Givenchy, etc... . Nevertheless we simply LOVE to come back for food, all the gorgeous museums and the outstanding beauty that Paris has to offer. When you live in London it's super easy to get to Paris with the Eurostar train - 2 hours and you are there! Amazing, isn't it? :) So we packed some pretty clothes and the most comfortable shoes we have and jumped on the train. Today we want to show you the first part of our lovely Paris trip, including some photos from Centre Pompidou. If you are in Paris any time soon, don't miss out on the "Surrealism and the object" exhibition there, it's fantastic! Tomorrow we will show you more Paris photos, so stay tuned! :)