Beautiful shape, shiny surface and perfect size: Meet Sabinna's new favourite clutch by Alexander McQueen. We found this golden piece at the McQueen Sample Sale, which means that the price was awesome too. :) Can't wait to take it our for a walk, and even if it's not going stop to rain, this little beauty is waterproof. 

Alexander McQueen Clutch - Sample Sale



We are about to move to a new apartment in London, which means that we already started to clear out the current one. And you won't believe what treasures we found: great analogue pictures that we took ages ago, actually even a lifetime ago. It's so nice to look into the past for a moment and enjoy lovely memories. But in the end we always keep moving on for more exciting things and as you know, we never forget to capture them on photos. :)

Analogue Photos, FujiFilm, Polaroids, Vienna



We have been hanging around with our Fuji Instax Mini 55 and the outcomes are fabulous: lovely little cards, with beautiful frames and even more beautiful memories. We have such a huge collection of polaroids by now, that we decided to do a little DIY with them. So stay tuned, it's coming very soon! :)

Fuji Instax Mini 55, Polaroid, Instant Film



As some of you know, Sabinna is a Fashion Design student at the prestige Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. And whenever there are great CSM-news to be proud about, we share them with you. Today we want to tell you about 2 new magazines that were just launched:
The Profile and 1 Granary.

The Profile is a magazine full of fantastic photos and stories, all wrapped up into a beautiful layout. One of the creative minds behind the whole magic is no one else then Becky Baik, a former Central Saint Martins student, who studied there BA Fashion Communication and Promotion. Additional to the great education, she also gained work experience at ELLE Korea. The first issue is already a huge success and we can't wait for the second one.

1 Granary is a very special type of magazine, as it is not only by Central Saint Martins students but also about them. As some of you might know, the whole thing started as a blog and was so popular that only a year later, the magazine was born. Now everyone can keep this little book of ideas and get inspired by our lifes, projects, thoughts and nonsense. Are you ready to sneak into the magic brains of CSM-students? They are full of hidden treasures, we promise!

Central Saint Martins - The Profile Magazine
Central Saint Martins - 1Granary Magazine

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.



We were super excited when we got the invite to the Swarovski presentation, which showed an exclusively preview of the F/W 2013/14 collection. We expected a beautiful location, a lot of glitter and just fabulous Swarovski pieces (those who follow us on Instagram, know that Sabinna has a weakness for Swarovski jewellery). And we weren't disappointed, they had it all prepared for us. :) But enough talking, why don't you look yourself at our favourite pieces? Sabinna has already an eye on this beautiful massive necklace on the third photo. ;) Thanks for the invite, Swarovski!

Swarovski presentation F/W 2013/14 collection, Vienna



Together with the a few other bloggers from the network Advantgarde, we were asked by Kleiderkreisel (a huge Austrian/German website for private resellers and swapers) to make a post about Sabinna's favourite vintage piece. We did it with pleasure and the whole thing was posted on Kleiderkreisel's blog. Unfortunately a lot of people decided to take their hate and bad mood out on us and we got attacked a lot in the commentfeed and also on Kleiderkreisel's facebookpage. We understand that opinions are different, but why not be more tolerant towards different styles? It is a shame that people start to use the word ugly so quickly whenever something is different from what they are used to. There is enough space for a wide variety of fashion styles and pieces on this planet, we guarantee that. :) As for us, we will carry on wearing what we love and being tolerant towards others' fashion choices. And to all our new readers, that came across our blog through the article on Kleiderkreisel, welcome! :) And of course a big thanks to our fantastic followers, who have left almost 10.000 amazing comments on our blog since we came online. Time to spread some love. 



Cooloutlets is a new online store, that gives a great selection of boutiques the possibility to sell their products on their website. They offer a wide range of clothes and accessories for women, mostly by famous designers from around the world (Acne, Yves Saint Lauren, Jil Sander, Tibi, Zac Posen,..) And as the name already says it's an outlet, which menas that you can get designer clothes for a great price. Exclusively for our readers there is a Give Away in cooperation with this great online store: You can win a 100 € voucher! All you need to do is:

1. Like Cooloutlets on facebook
2. Like Broken Cookies on facebook
3. Share and leave a comment under this photo

The winner will be picked and contactes on Sunday, the 26.05.2013. Good luck!!



A while ago we showed you our favourite restaurants and cafes in Vienna and promised you some food tips for London and Paris. Well, here we go, today is London's turn! 

Breakfast/Brunch: Giraffe

offers you a perfect selection of breakfast and brunch plates. Additional to that they have a long list of extras, that you can order to personalise your choice. Our favourites are "Full Brunch" and "Eggs on toasted Focaccia". If you overslept and missed the breakfast time (they serve it until 12 pm), then you should check out their "Bar Buddies" special: selected beers, cocktails and wines are 50% off on Sunday-Friday evening. We tried some of their cocktails and they are delicous! Our favourite is "Skinny Ginny".

Best food london



A while ago we started another special on our blog: Fitting Room - Outfit 2.0. It's about our current favourites from the the runway and stores - beautiful clothes, that we can't afford but would definitely look awesome in. :) Today's post is about the S/S 2013 collections: Davidelfin, Les Hommes and Gucci. What are your favourites for spring and summer?

Davidelfin Broken Cookies



It's a DIY weekend, dear girls and boys! After showing you the stormtrooper nails DIY yesterday, today we decided to go for a hair tutorial. Sabinna loves to wear all different types of hairdos, and a lot of you asked her to show how to do some of them. We will start with the beautiful 5 strand braid. It's a perfect look for spring and summer, it looks great with both casual and elegant outfits. And this is how you do it:



We guess you all know by now that we are both obsessed with Star Wars. Our flat looks already like a little star wars museum, David has a whole Star Wars t-shirt collection and now Sabinna has awesome Stormtrooper nails! You wanna join the club and have them too? Here a little DIY for the best nail look ever. :) 



Thanks so much to all of you for sending us e-mails with lovely words and most importantly feedback. A lot of you asked for some beauty posts, more DIYs, more "From a painting" specials and also finally some videos. We got quite a few e-mails asking why we never did videos so far and that it would be really awesome to see some. Well, the truth is that we actually did videos, but ages ago. Also they weren't as you might expect them to be. We would say it's artsy-fartsy crazy stuff with awesome music in the background. Why are we actually still writing? We will just show you! So, dear girls and boys, here are our weird, but somehow awesome videos. (Those of you, who follow us from the really beginning, might know some of them. :) ) Enjoy, and don't worry, we are going to make more videos soon! :)



So, dear girls and boys, this post has a little bit of everything: Outfit, DIY, news and good mood. If you are wondering where the DIY is hidden, then check out Sabinna's clutch. A lot of music tapes are covering her hand. These are some leftovers from one of her projects at Central Saint Martins. So if you have any old tapes with bad music on it, time to get creative! :) 
And what news are we actually talking about? Well just little updates from our lives. Sabinna moved back to London and is now working there for Mary Katrantzou, an amazing London-based fashion brand, yeay! That's definitely a reason for good mood. :) We hope you are also all doing well, dear girls and boys!



A while ago we started a new special on our blog called "From a painting". We show you paintings that we love and how they inspire our looks and outfits. Last time all eyes were on Egon Schiele, this time we want to present you the great artist Amanda Davies. We found out about her through Babes at the museum and fell in love with her work, especially this one painting of a woman that throws up hair. So, here we go, dear girls and boys, meet the Davies-painting-double. :)



Today is the 6th and last day of the suit challenge! :) Sabinna was wearing nothing but suits for a week and to round things up, we will end this week with a colourful and flowery 2-piece. Simple hairstyle, black heels and some lipstick complete the look. To see all 6 suits and choose your favourite, click here. :) 



Ok, so we are nearly there: only 2 suits left. A suit doesn't always have to be trousers and a jacket, it can also have a skirt! Just like this great vintage 2-piece, that Sabinna luckily got from her mum's wardrobe. The colour is timeless and the cut gives your body a perfect feminine touch. This time Sabinna decided to dig deeper into her make-up bag and chose a dark cherry lipstick and a strong black eyeliner to complete the look. One more suit to go after this one, stay tuned and see you tomorrow! :)



We hope that your're not tired of suits yet, because it's time for number 4! Sabinna decided to go with a whity from Zara, combined with some pink details. Happy May Day and see you tomorrow with the next suit! :)