We have such an exciting Give Away for you guys!!! In cooperation with Caseable we created 3 beautiful iPhone 4/4S cases with photos that I (David) took. It's such a pleasure to have personalised cases with your own artwork. We kept two for us but also didn't forget about you, dear girls and boys and decided to give away 3 of them to you. The following motives are available: Vienna, Sabinna, Barbie. To win one of the Broken Cookies x Caseable iPhone cases you need to:

3. Leave a comment or write us an e-mail with the subject 'giveaway' and the motive (Vienna, Sabinna or Barbie) you would like to win.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 5th of November. Good Luck!!!



We had a hell of a week with so much going on, that we didn't even have time to update the blog for you guys! Sorry about that. We still managed to use Facebook and Instagram though and that's why you probably all know what we have been up to anyway. :) Today we want to show you some photos that David took of me in the jacket, that I recently designed and made. And also we wanted to tell you some news: We won the second place at the Austrian Fashion and Lifestyle Blogaward competition! We feel very honoured and it is great to see our blog Broken Cookies in the top 3, as it isn't a typical fashion and lifestyle blog. We really appreciate the fact that our readers understand and support our creative content and we can't wait to show you more of our ideas. Thanks so much for being around, supporting and reading us!



Today's post is dedicated to food and its famous Instagram hashtag #foodporn. We have to admit that it became super normal for us to take photos of every bloody thing we eat. On one side it is super scary on the other it's kind of fun. Sometimes I ask myself why is it so popular to share your lunch, dinner or snack with the rest of the world? Or why do we enjoy ourselves scrolling through Instagram and checking on other's people food behaviour? Personally for us it's often about getting inspired and trying out new things. If we see something super delicious, we wanna cook it as well and may discover new products that we never tried before. Or if someone recommends a restaurant and adds a photo of what they offer there, we can decide quicker wether or not to try it out too. So, dear girls and boys, don't stop sharing your food with us and we won't do it either. So enjoy this huge overload on foodporn! Wanna check out our favourite restaurants? Jump over here to our London favs and Vienna favs!



We have to admit that we are always super happy when the time comes for a new 'From a painting' post. It is just so much fun to find outfit and hairstyle inspirations in paintings. Today's look is inspired by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. The painting is called "Madame Hayden" and is from the year 1918. 



Today's post is about a lovely part in London, that we love to visit: Chinatown
Great restaurants, crazy waving cats, a lot of pink and red colours, chinese supermarkets and things that you have never seen before - you will find it all in Chinatown! So doesn't matter if you are a tourist or you actually live in London like us, you should definitely visit this awesome place! :)



This post is a little hommage to Instagram. We love updating you on our daily life through these photo squares and we also love to follow your activities there. :) We picked our personal favourite Instagram pics and Sabinna made one-line-drawings of them. Wanna compare them to the originals? Click here



London is such a great place to live - everything about this city is inspiring: the streets, the people, even the weather sometimes. :) You know that we travel a lot and that we have lived in several different cities so far (Moscow, Valladolid, Vienna, Paris, Manchester) but it is always such a pleasure to come (back) to London. Hopefully we can spend a few more years in this city of our dreams. Today we have a little London overload for you and want to show you some photos that we took in the past 3 weeks. If you want to follow our London adventures more closely, then swing over to our Instagram. :)



We don't trust the weather and always wanna be prepared in advance. Prepared for cold nights, prepared for snow, prepared for winter. That's why we don't leave 'winter-shopping' until last minute and prefer to do it in advance. Sabinna tried on a million different coats and finally found the perfect fit. This &Other Stories coat is a magical 2 in 1 piece: You can unzip it and it becomes a short jacket! Impossible not to fall in love. :)