Christmas is soon and Star Wars is happening 24/7 in our flat, so we decided to combine these things and make a little DIY. First of all we need to thank our reader Caro, who inspired us by showing us this website and their great Star Wars snowflakes. Our flat is super small (like most of the flats in London we guess), so instead of putting paper snowflakes on our petit windows, we decided to do candle coasters instead. All you need for the DIY is:



The year 2013 is slowly coming to an end and Christmas and New Year are not so far from us. We guess that we are not the only ones who are looking back and making plans for 2014 - what do we want to keep for longer and what do we want to change in the next year? Scrolling through old posts actually helps quite well to reflect on all the things that happened within just a year. 2013 was the year of travels and incredibly hard work. We decided to compare 2013 to 2012 and realised a significant difference: There was so much more party going on in 2012! Our label Nightlife is full of posts with awesome photos of us sneaking around the streets of London, Vienna, Manchester and Paris. Parties and nightlife is something that we were really missing out on in 2013. Maybe it's because we just got older, or maybe it's because we worked so hard this year, we don't know ... but what we do know is that it has to change for 2014! :) We want that awesome party faces back in our lives. Let's see how this will work out as I am currently on my final year at Central Saint Martins and David is going to graduate  in 2014 from his MSc at UCL. Does 2014 sound like party? Not really ... but we keep dreaming. :) To visualise our dreams we made a selection of our favourite nightlife photos from 2012. Enjoy! 



I love to look at clothes from other decades and get inspired by all the little details. That's why at least once a month I would make a tour through my favourite vintage places in London and hunt some treasures. Sometimes I am lucky to find a piece that I was looking for since ages. Just like it happened with these 2 gorgeous dresses, that you see in the photos. Both of them are original pieces from the 70s and are a great enrichment for my little vintage collection of clothes that I have so far. One day I am hoping to own a whole archive of these amazing garments that reflect the history of fashion. For those who are living in London or planning a trip to this magic place soon, here a little selection of my favourtite vintage stores:

1. Rellik8 Golborne Road, North Kensington, W10 5NW
2. Lucy in Disguise: 48 Lexington Street, Carnaby, W1F 0LR
3. Beyond Retro: 58-59 Great Marlborough Street, Central London, W1F 7JY
4. Blackout II51 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9AJ



Today we want to show you a few things that we are currently obsessed with. The selection might seem to be quite random, but we just followed our hearts and picked pieces that made our lives awesome in the past month. Winter is coming, therefore we need some warm clothes, good shoes and glittery socks. We are also saving up money for Christmas presents in a very classy cash box, writing down ideas in a funky notebook and just never ever, seriously never ever, get enough of flowers. 



A lot of you lovely girls were asking me to make another post about my hair (check out the last one here) and so here it is. Maybe it's not as you expected it to be, but I hope that you still like it. :) I want to show you my absolute favourite hair accessories: my magic hair clips. You can get them at Boots or Superdrug in London and DM or Bipa in Vienna. I don't really like to use hair ties as they seem to damage my hair and they are more likely to break. Instead I use these clips to create all sort of hairstyles. Here are some samples of how I like to wear them, but of course there are around 100 more options.



So, we just came back from Vienna and we are tired as hell! Really looking forward to have a proper sleep after these exciting days! But before we do that, we wanna share a little post with you about our days in Vienna. As you know we won the 2nd place in the Austrian Blogaward competition and on Tuesday we were invited to the NEWS Verlag building to get the award and celebrate. The view from the 18th floor was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed an awesome sunset. We say once again: Thank you so much to all of you guys for reading our blog and for all your awesome feedback and amazing comments. It has been a long journey so far and we are already excited for the future. We hope you stay with us and keep being a part of the broken cookies planet! :) 

Ps: We contacted the winners of our Caseable x Broken Cookies Give Away! Congrats to Carina, Mary and Kaja! 



And here we go, time for a new 'From a paniting' post! We both have to say that we love shooting these posts, it is always so much fun to recreate all these wonderful paintings and to get outfit inspirations in such an unusual way. It is quite hard to make it look exactly like the painting, but to be honest, it's not about that anyway. It's more about capturing the mood and the feelings around it. Today's outfit inspiration comes from one of our absolutely favourite artists, Tamara de Lempicka. We could look for hours at her wonderful paintings of these gorgeous women. For the outfit I had to borrow David's wonderful Lanvin sweater (that was an amazing find at the sample sale in Paris) that fits perfectly my favourite lipstick



We are both absolutely addicted to suits. And we guess that those of you who follow us since a while, know that we both own quite a few lovely pieces. Recently we were thinking about the way blogger present heir outfits. Usually you would stand still or walk from right to left or maybe even strike a pose with the perfect face impression. We decided to forget about all these typical blogger poses and try out something else. We suited up and moved our asses. In the end we were surprised ourselves how different clothes can look in movement. :)