Last weekend we went to Prague for a few days and were absolutely amazed by this lovely city. Last time we were there in 2009, which is quite a while ago. Thanks to our great readers we got so many awesome tips and we are excited to summarise them here for you and make your trip to Prague as magical as ours. :) In our photo dairy you will also find a few photos from Telč, a really cute little place we passed by on our way back to Vienna. It's definitely worth visiting, as it has some beautiful buildings and great food. :)

Our favourite places in Prague:

/ Kafka Museum - amazing exhibition about the life of Franz Kafka (thanks to Jessica and Sabinna's sister for recommending)
/ Dish (Fine Burger Bistro) - super tasty homemade burgers and a great selection of gin tonics (thanks to Paulina for recommending)
/ Standard Cafe - very lovely little place with delicious cakes and wine 
/ Fish &Chips - perfect plates with fish and chips (thanks to Kacka for recommending)
/ Bakeshop - a huge selection of different cakes and sweets (thanks to Gabriele for recommending)
/ Cafe Nona - beautiful place with great honeycake and a nice view on the street
/ Prague beer museum - 30 different types of beer - you can choose your favourites and try them in little glasses (thanks to Mary for recommending)
/ Containall - a very magical place with czech beer and indie life bands. You can sit on funny chairs and enjoy the great atmosphere. There is also an old circus caravan with a photo exhibition inside. (again thanks to Mary)

Photos taken with:

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. Ooooh, you were in Standard Cafe! I live right behind the corner...damn! It's a pitty that I was out of Prague. Crying agaaaaain :((

  2. Beautiful photos and now I'm hungry for burgers and fries...:)

  3. I am glad you enjoyed Prague!! :) nice pictures! :)

  4. thanks for these beautiful photos!
    really, I hope I could be there!!! SO NICE! :D

    I follwing you guys for around 1 or 2 years maybe and still Loving your blog, your style (:♥
    hope you are fine (:


  5. Love prague! Going back there next month too :)

  6. such nice pictures, that burger made me hungry!


  7. wow!
    I hope you liked it!

  8. beautiful photos ,
    looks like you had a great time

  9. sweet. nice pictures xx i am glad you enjoyed that!

  10. lovely pics!! I'd like to visit this city one day!