Today's post is dedicated to food and its famous Instagram hashtag #foodporn. We have to admit that it became super normal for us to take photos of every bloody thing we eat. On one side it is super scary on the other it's kind of fun. Sometimes I ask myself why is it so popular to share your lunch, dinner or snack with the rest of the world? Or why do we enjoy ourselves scrolling through Instagram and checking on other's people food behaviour? Personally for us it's often about getting inspired and trying out new things. If we see something super delicious, we wanna cook it as well and may discover new products that we never tried before. Or if someone recommends a restaurant and adds a photo of what they offer there, we can decide quicker wether or not to try it out too. So, dear girls and boys, don't stop sharing your food with us and we won't do it either. So enjoy this huge overload on foodporn! Wanna check out our favourite restaurants? Jump over here to our London favs and Vienna favs!

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.