As you saw on Facebook, we went to the Burberry Outlet in London on Saturday. It is located in 29-31 Chatham Pl (London E9 6LP) and offers menswear, womenswear and accessories by Burberry Prosum, Burberry Brit and Burberry Sport. We have to admit that our expectations weren't that high. We thought that the discounts are not going to be that huge and that it will be very hard to find suitable sizes. On arrival we were surprised by the look of the outlet: It looks like an actual Burberry shop, everything is very organised, there is no sale or outlet feeling in the store. The first thing that we had to check out were the trench coats (what else! :) ). We found a lot of beautiful pieces but unfortunately not all of them fulfilled our discount wishes. But it's definitely worth it to take your time and dig for some treasures. After going through million of pieces we found a womenswear suit for £29 and a wonderful menswear jacket with the most amazing details. So we think that if you are in London any time soon, you should check the outlet out (let us know what you got! :) ). We are going to post soon the pieces that we bought, so stay tuned for that.

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. I love burberry, when it comes to well fitting coats they are absolutely the best

    xxx Anna
    Ps. I just renewed my blog!
    Come take a look
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  3. Wow, great shop! What a great bargain you made with that suit! www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  4. Lucky you...thank you for inspiration....


  5. wow! these scarfs and everything. looks like really great place for cheap and quality stuff