Our Polaroid 600 has a lot of hidden treasures. 
She traveled a lot, she saw a lot and she heard a lot.

We asked her to tell us some of her secrets...
and that's what she answered:

'GUM' in Moscow, Dec. 2008:
Colours and drunk Russians were everywhere.

'Red Square' Moscow, Dec. 2008:

Vienna, Summer 2009:
You can always choose between the good and the dark side.

Vienna, Summer 2009:
You don't see often so much happiness.

Moscow, Dec 2008:
In Russia I started to see things double.

Soccer-EM in Vienna, Summer 2008:
Finally life in Vienna.

Prague, May 2009  :
Sometimes silence tears us apart.

Prague, May 2009:
I always want to look behind the shades. 

Vienna, Winter 2008:
 I met Snow White...

Paris, February 2009:
... and Mickey and Minnie.

MQ in Vienna, August 2008:
Some people still wait for better times.

Vienna, June 2008:
A talk with the mirror can help.

x, love from the 'broken cookie - planet'.

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