Who are we, how many are we, how are we, what are we and most important: Why are we?

We thought the time came to tell you something about us!

DAVID (<- click for more)

David is 20 years old and studies business economics in Vienna.
He often feels like a horse, especially when Sabinna is around.
He never misses the chance to take a good photo. His current muse is a cow.

SABINNA (<- click for more)

Sabinna is 94 years old and is originally from Russia.
She studies Fashion Design in London, but still spends a lot of time in Vienna.
There is one important thing you should know about her: She has a superpower which is a gift and a curse - she transforms into animals. It can be anything from butterflies to cows.

... we are broken and we love cookies!

x, love from the 'broken cookie - planet'.

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