Again a good concert in Vienna!
Of course we couldn't miss this one aswell...
We are talking about 'GOLDFRAPP'
who played on Wednesday, the 13th of October in "Gasometer".

As we still were in a very good mood from the 'CLIENT' 
concert (we wrote about this great gig in our last post),
the evening started full of fun...

...and colours...

...and fun again.

 Finally there she was: Alison Goldfrapp in her amazing outfits!

The show was full of energy and we really enjoyed songs like 
"Train", "Crystalline Green", "Strict Machine" or "Ooh La La".
The only thing that made us sad was the fact that 'GOLDFRAPP' 
played just for an hour.
We really wanted to hear more of their great songs.

As you already noticed, we are never getting tired!
Here some photos of the "on-the-way-home-goldfrapp-after-show-party":

x, love from the 'broken cookie - planet'.

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  1. thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog :) i'm glad you did it because now I was able to see your AMAZING blog and stunning pictures. Congrats for your wonderful world :)