We get quite often the "Which blogs do you read"-question. So we decided it's time to tell you who we love, which is a not as easy as it seems, as there are a lot of awesome blogs out there. In the end we managed to choose 5 lovelies and we are ready to spread some love! Join us and show some love for them too. :)

Beata is a total babe and we love to look at her cute and funny pictures, showing her lovely outfits. We would love to visit her one day in her city, give her a big kiss and tell her: Beata, you are awesome!

We are sure, that a lot of you know Nadia's blog already but it's impossible to get enough of her! Her sense of style and her photography are absolutely breathtaking. We can't wait to see more, more and more!

Are you looking for the prettiest outfits, nicest interior designs and just the most awesome editorials? Well, you no longer need to use google for that, Ilka picks for you what is worth to see and presents it on her blog. So hurry to check the latest trends!

Ready for some DIY's and outfits that will blow your mind? Then you definitely need to visit Jamins's and Isabella's lovely blog. Both girls are cuties and beauties, check for yourself!

Guess what, girls and boys, we LOVE couple bloggers! And if you do too (otherwise you wouldn't be reading our blog, right? ;) ) then you should check out Mike's and Gabriel's blog. These boys know what looks awesome on them and they are not afraid to show it. Also their photos and videos are amazing, it is time to spread A LOT of love!

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. wau, it´s great that you love some of czech blogs! Beata is amazing!

  2. perfect choice! these are my favorite too!

  3. Aw, Thanks guys! :)
    Hugs and kisses

  4. love love love!!! and my LOOOVEEE Beataaa!

  5. I love couple bloggers like you :D

  6. I love Beáta! We have really good bloggers in the Czech Republic. :)