Sometimes it can be quite hard to find perfect clothes and accessories for the winter season - they not only need to be pretty but also to keep you warm. Especially the head can be a problem: I (Sabinna) don't really like to wear hats, as it makes my hair look flat and weird afterwords. A few years ago I found a pretty little fake fur bag in a tiny store in Vienna. I really liked the colour and the shape, but wasn't in need of a bag at that time. So I decided to put it on my head (first just for fun) and see how it looks. And guess what? David and I both loved it! So I bought it and since then it became my favourite winter hat. Whenever I tell people that I am wearing a bag on my head, they get confused first. Then amused and surprised by the fact that it fits my head prefectly (I have to admit I have a huge head :) ). David keeps it classy and wears a beautiful knitted hat by Paul Smith. We guess no one can handle 2 people with bags on their head. :)

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jeans and bag_&Other Stories; jacket_Rachimova; shoes_UGG via Sarenza; lipstick_MAC (colour Diva)

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jeans_April 77; shirt_Cos; scarf_Fred Perry; coat_JOOP!; hat_Paul Smith; shoes_Nike Air

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. that coat is actually everything!!

  2. sabinna.. your jacket is so rad!!
    i'm in love!

  3. I can't believe you made this jacket, Sabinna! It's beautiful, can I buy it somewhere?