Imagine a perfect little place, located right on the seaside, covered with beautiful hills and little houses. Imagine the smell of fresh food, sea and joy. Imagine Christmas, birthday and easter happening at the time - well now you know how Hastings feels! :) Hastings is only a short train ride away from London and is the perfect place to escape the busy city life. We discovered it through Sabinna's good friend Scarlett, who currently lives in Hastings. So the next time you come to London, make sure to plan a day outside the madness and recharge your batteries with fresh air, great food and perfect summer atmosphere (even in spring! :) ).
If you want to see more of England, we also recommend to check out Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge. We went there 2 years ago, can you remember our England special back then? :)

Sabinna is wearing:
trousers_Burberry; shoes and sweater_Nike; glasses_Prada

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.

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  1. wow.... this place looks like perfection! Love so much these fishermen small villages..