Here in London, the afternoon tea is definitely as important as dinner is. So today we will tell you about a beautiful place located in the centre of London (not far from Picadilly circus) called Sketch. Let's start at the very beginning: This place was recommended to us by hundreds of different people, nevertheless we didn't manage to check it out in the past years. So when Sabinna's family came over for a visit we decided that it's about time to see if Sketch is actually as awesome as everyone says. We didn't make any reservations and were hoping that it will help to arrive before the actual afternoon tea starts. Unfortunately we were confronted with quite unfriendly and snoby attitude right at the door, telling us to come back in 30 minuted, as no tables were free at that moment. We have to admit, that it's nothing special in London to wait for a table, it happens all the time in a huge city like this. So we waited, hung out around the area and came back after half an hour. Same story again: Unhappy and unfriendly guy, still no table and our mood down to zero. 

This weekend we gave the restaurant/bar a second chance and returned again for a "cream tea". Again no reservation, but this time everything turned out differently. Not only we got a table straight away, this time we were lucky to be served by super friendly girls who knew exactly what they have to do. We ordered scones and tea, the scones didn't arrive at the same time and as an apology we were given extra scones and macaroons! Yes, we admit, this gave Sketch one million plus points and we were willing to forget the faux-pas from our first visit. So when you are in London, check out the place, we are sure you will love it. But we recommend to make a reservation in advance as you never know if you will experience our first or our second visit there. :)

Ps: You definitely have to go to the lou, as the toilets are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Check picture number 1 and 6 (yes, we swear, that's the toilet! :) ). 

Sabinna is wearing:
top_Topshop; trousers_Asos; lipstick_Chanel

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. Wow, what a lovely place! The sweets look very delicious! www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  2. Amazing! I love the atmosphere so much! I'll have a cup of tea there, too when I'll be in London again :)
    Thanks a lot for the advice!