As most of you know I (Sabinna) study Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London. This year (well actually in less than a month!) I am graduating. Today I want to show you the photos of my graduate show and some previews of the look book. Soon you will get to see the full look book and also a bunch of other details. This collection is based on my mum's childhood in the communistic USSR and her everyday life as a kid/teenager. My mother used to be a professional athlete, so sports and uniforms play an important role in the research. Photos from the family archive, my mum's diary from the late 70s and some of her amazing stories about that time created the concept around my collection. Thanks to my amazing fabric sponsors I was able to create an ethical and organic collection. The PVC parts in the clothes and accessories are made of recycled plastic combined with a special method of melting fabric left overs into one piece of fabric. Also I want to say a HUGE thanks to all the amazing people that supported me through my time in CSM, especially the last year. Most of all David and my mum. And my great family, my awesome friend Scarlett, all my amazing sponsors, especially Antex and Schella Kann!
If you want to see more of the process and also follow my future work, make sure to check out my Instagram and my Facebook. Also you can see some of my previous work on my website.

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. ich bin begeistert von deiner kollektion :D

  2. First: good luck for your graduation, I'm sure that you'll be fantastic!
    Second: that lookbook is gorgeous, I love total white outfits and the layering you used in the last look!

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  3. Wow, ich bin begeistert! Viel Erfolg weiterhin! :) www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  4. Oh wowww Sabinna congratulations. You are a very talented girl and will go on to make beautiful things.

  5. Die Idee und die Inspiration für deine Kollektion finde ich großartig! Ich freu mich schon aufs ganze Lookbook!

  6. Love it!!

    - Kristine B