We guess you all know by now that we are both obsessed with Star Wars. Our flat looks already like a little star wars museum, David has a whole Star Wars t-shirt collection and now Sabinna has awesome Stormtrooper nails! You wanna join the club and have them too? Here a little DIY for the best nail look ever. :) 

you will need:
_base coat 
_top coat
_white nail polish
_black nail polish pen

You start with the base coat. Afterwords you apply the white polish and let it dry. For the black parts you will need a nail polish pen, as the lines are quite small and precise. Sabinna uses the brand Nails Supreme (you can buy it on Amazon), it gives you the possibility to use all colours with a normal brush or a very thin pen. Take your time to draw out a black line, 2 eyes, an angry mouth and 3 little lines at the bottom. Now let them dry properly. In the end apply some top coat to keep these awesome nails for as long as possible. :)

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


  1. Hey, this mani is REALLY cool, great job and post!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. This is soo awesome!

  3. Oooft, I love these! My boy is a fellow Star Wars-head so he'd definitely approve too ;) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  4. omg, das muss ich auch ausprobieren. ist eine super idee. nailarttechnisch bin ich noch nicht so geübt, ich patz bei dünnen linien immer viel zu viel herum :D