Thanks so much to all of you for sending us e-mails with lovely words and most importantly feedback. A lot of you asked for some beauty posts, more DIYs, more "From a painting" specials and also finally some videos. We got quite a few e-mails asking why we never did videos so far and that it would be really awesome to see some. Well, the truth is that we actually did videos, but ages ago. Also they weren't as you might expect them to be. We would say it's artsy-fartsy crazy stuff with awesome music in the background. Why are we actually still writing? We will just show you! So, dear girls and boys, here are our weird, but somehow awesome videos. (Those of you, who follow us from the really beginning, might know some of them. :) ) Enjoy, and don't worry, we are going to make more videos soon! :)

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.

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  1. Love it...well done ....you are so creative...