A while ago we showed you our favourite restaurants and cafes in Vienna and promised you some food tips for London and Paris. Well, here we go, today is London's turn! 

Breakfast/Brunch: Giraffe

offers you a perfect selection of breakfast and brunch plates. Additional to that they have a long list of extras, that you can order to personalise your choice. Our favourites are "Full Brunch" and "Eggs on toasted Focaccia". If you overslept and missed the breakfast time (they serve it until 12 pm), then you should check out their "Bar Buddies" special: selected beers, cocktails and wines are 50% off on Sunday-Friday evening. We tried some of their cocktails and they are delicous! Our favourite is "Skinny Ginny".

Best food london

Lunch: Banh Mi Bay

We are huge fans of Vietnamese food, which is one of the many reasons why we fell in love with this restaurant. The hardest thing is to select a dish, as there are so many tasty things on the menu. We usually go for the summer rolls as a starter and one of the Pho Noodle Soups for the main course. If you are in a hurry, you still should pass by and get some Take Away from Banh Mi Bay. In this case we recommend you one of their awesome sandwiches filled with meat or vegetables or both. Some of the dishes are very spicy, so if you want to take it easy, make sure to let the service know.

best food london

Fancy a beer and a burger after a long working day? Or just want to hang out with your friends and enjoy some English flair? Well then The Blue Lion is absolutely perfect for you. It is very cosy inside, the service is super friendly, the drinks selection is huge and the food is great. We are not the only ones who find this place amazing, so if you are planning to visit it during 'pub rush hour' (especially friday lunch and dinner), make sure to make a reservation in advance. Also be aware of the fact that it's closed on the weekend, which we find very sad.

best food london

Dinner: Kimchee

We discovered the magic of Korean food quite a while ago and since then we were constantly looking for new Korean restaurants. And then finally we found the best place ever, better then in our dreams to be honest. Kimchee offers you a wide range of traditional Korean dishes and drinks. And again be aware of the spiciness!! Make sure to check if the piquancy of the dish suits your taste, before you order it. Also most of the people order a lot of different dishes, as the portions are not so big. This gives you the possibility to try out a lot of delicacies at once. Unfortunately Kimchee doesn't take any reservations in advance (only for bigger groups) and sometimes you have to queue for a while to get in. Also in this case the staff is very friendly and offers you free tea, if it's cold outside, to make your waiting time more comfortable.

best food london kimchee

x and love from the 'broken-cookies planet'.


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  4. Never tried Vietnamese food. For the looks of this i think i'm gonna do it next time i have the chance.